Are Cartilage Piercings Cool, Pretty Or Ugly? I'm Thinking About Getting Mine Done Oh And Does It Hurt If You Use A Needle?


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They're really pretty, but your hair gets tangled in them and it takes a year to heal. No it doesn't hurt getting it done and you have to clean it once or twice a day.
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I think that they look pretty (: X  only if you make it look pretty.. Some may look naff. Mine looks pretty :D  . X.   And no, I had mine done with a needle.. It did hurt a bit but its not unbearable. The clamp (to hold ear in place) hurt more than the actual needle ! Aha !  
I had mine done in bluebanana for £15 . I'd say its a good price.  I personally wouldn't get it done in claire's tho.. Bluebanana are professional too (: X
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They are very cool & popular.
If you go to get it professionaly your wasting your $$$$ and it`s painful!
If you go to Sally`s Beauty Supply, you can get a piercer.
Clean it with the wipe it gives you then put ice on it for 2 minutes!!!
Pierce &&& you for sure won`t feel a thing:)))
&&& you won`t waste your money$.
Hope this helped!

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