Does a lip piercing hurt? Im 14 years old and i cant stand needles... How do u all think i will take the pain?


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carlos Striker answered

All piercing hurts. Why would you want to disfigure your pretty face? Aren't happy with what you have?

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Yin And Yang answered

Of course it hurts! Something is going in that was never intended to go in! Rethink your piercing fantasies!

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Tom Jackson answered

Pain is one of the ways that your body suggests that you stop doing what you are doing.

Death is the body's way of saying you were in the wrong line of work.

Listen to your body while you can still hear it speaking.

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PJ Stein answered

Have you ever bitten your lip? Nothing went through your skin and muscle and yet it still hurt. So yes a lip piercing hurts. Know what else hurts? An infected lip piercing. A wound in your mouth can trap food and bacteria that can cause an infection. To avoid yhat you have yo keep it extra clean. That means moving snd tugging on that wound. More pain.  So good luck with that.

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Darik Majoren answered

It's VERY painful, but then once you have it . . You have a metal needle of some sort always in there, just waiting for you to bump or smash you mouth into so it can either tear through the lip or rip the gums from the other side . . . Think PASSED the "look" for a moment about what this means to you going forward . . .

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Perry Nuttal answered

The mouth contains lots of bacteria so the mouth is not the best place for a piecing.  Yes I should imagine the lip in painful, certainly hurt when I've accidentally bitten mine.

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