Am I ugly or pretty?It's okay if you say ugly :)


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Arthur Wright answered
Doesnt matter as God doesnt make  ugly people or junk so beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Besides real true beauty is deep inside all of us and its what makes us unique and different as God had intended. Remember that no matter what that you are the most beautiful person you know in the universe.  Exterior beauty can always be changed but inner beauty is forever and its that inner beauty is what counts and is what attracts real men by the way. Just remember youre the most beautiful person you know, and never ever copmpare yourself to no one else
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Dickie Allen answered
As one said above...God don't make no junk! We are made in God's image. He said we are wonderfully and beautifully made, not created but made. If you believe otherwise then you are calling God a liar! From your picture you are a beautiful young woman. Be proud always and hold your head high because you are God's perfect works!
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Adrian Masters answered
If this is your real picture, the answer is very pretty.
Paula Not tellin u Profile
You're a very gorgeous girl and I'm sure you are very beautiful on the inside as well, but you don't need a bunch of people you don't know's input to feel pretty.
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Titus agore
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What paula said you don't need a bunch of people you don't know's input to feel pretty. Well put paula.
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sammie lee answered
Is that you in your avatar?? If so... You are very pretty.
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Sarah Johnson
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Just to let you know the average is 34B so you are above average in your bust size.
sammie lee
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Ahah theyre horrible small and ugly shaped too they look really horrible xD
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Titus agore answered
You are by no means ugly, I think everyone is perfect how god made them.  But thats not your question.  You are very very attractive,,and  you have a beautiful skin tone, if you look as good on the inside as you do on the outside and I am sure you do,,then you sarah butler are the total package..

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