I Colored My Hair Last Night And Got Scabs, How Do I Get Rid Of Them?


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Sounds like you may have had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the color or you used too strong of a  developer with the color. Hopefully you didn't use a highlighting bleach on your scalp. That is much too strong to apply on the scalp.
As for the scabs. You will have to let your body heal, just as you would from a skinned knee, etc.
  It is a good idea to (NOT) wash your hair for a couple of days before coloring. This provides a layer of natural oil to help protect the scalp. Also, scrubbing of the scalp before a chemical process causes stimulation which can open the pores and cause the color to penetrate and cause irritation
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Thank you, I think you might be right about the scrubbing part-I did scrub a little too hard when I was washing the color off! Otherwise my scalp felt fine while the color was developing
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It is best to rinse the color out as much as possible before applying shampoo, then gently wash the scalp, using the tips of your fingers, making sure not to use your nails.
I've held a cosmetology license since 1984 and have seen just about everything you could imagine. I have a sensitive scalp also and have to be very careful not to scrub too much after coloring. Otherwise, I have a sore scalp for a few days.
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I found that if you use Dandruff shampoo and not scrub you scalp in the shower your dandruff will get under control. You should not scratch your head with your nails. As nails have bacteria which will add to your problems.
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I've been dying my hair for 10 years now, never had any issues. Yes, there's usually an uncomfortable slight burning sensation, but nothing more.

I have medium brown hair and had my hair dresser dye it red last night. She used Illutionist which I guess is a lifter and a stain all in one. I had the typical burning sensation last night while processing, maybe a little more; but it was tolerable, so I said nothing. Before she put me under the dryer, she used this brush that reminded of a horse brush (Very stiff plastic prongs) to pull the color all the way through.

This morning when I woke up I noticed what felt like scabs. I can't see the area myself so I asked my room mate to look at it. He says from what he can tell they are scabs and look to be oozing. I called my hair dresser and she stated that there's no way it could be because we didn't bleach, she only used 20 developer and they don't show up that soon.

What do I do?

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