Why Do I Have Excess Hair On My Face, I'm A Girl?


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Hair grows where there's a lot of testosterone present. Both men and women have various levels of testosterone and estrogen.  Fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen and women have more fat cells than men. Note: Being fat or skinny does not change how many fat cells you have.  I have a theory that liposuction will reduce the number of fat cells and result in excess testosterone or not enough estrogen in a woman, so don't get liposuction.  Excess hair on the face of a female is one symptom of Poly-Cystic-Ovarian-Syndrome or PCOS.  Ask your doctor about other symptoms and make sure that isn't your problem. If it is, you can get medication for that.  It could be just a phase, and your body will correct itself given time. It could be caused by drug use or a food allergy. There are so many possibilities that you just have to take it one at a time. A lot of women are having this problem, but it might not be unnatural. Maybe it's the way you are supposed to be, but the media has unrealistic expectations and everyone goes along with it and has their female facial hair removed.

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