What Type Of Personal Hair Products To Use With The HCG Diet?


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It is not recommended that you use any hair products that include oils and fats while on the HCG diet. Some suggest that if products are rinsed out immediately after use it will not have an effect on your diet, but others say you should steer clear. Your body will absorb the fats in conditioners, so you should therefore try and find an alternative that does not contain anything taboo. If you are really struggling to do so then you can make your own with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Read any shampoo labels carefully and avoid anything that contains ingredients that will stop the HCG diet from working as efficiently as you want it to.

Some dieters make their own shampoo, while healthcare shops sell specially-designed products for people on the HCG diet. If you are worried about your hair drying out while you are on the diet, avoid styling your hair excessively each day and keep it in a simple style. Not using products on your hair for a while might actually do it some good!

It is not just hair products that are not compatible with the HCG diet. If you want your diet to be as effective as possible, there are a few other beauty products you should try and avoid as well. Make up should not be worn in most instances. Some lipstick, eye pencils and powder do not contain Lanolin and are useable, but to be safe you should avoid wearing any make up at all. Face, body and hand lotions cannot be used, as well as most soaps and deodorants. Try and find alternatives for your normal daily products or make your own; there is an abundance of beauty product recipes online for HCG dieters. If you want to have the most effective diet plan as you can, you have got to stop as many fats getting into your body as possible - even through your skin.
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What does using hair products such as conditioner, or lotions for my skin have to do with weight loss. I have lost a lot of weight in the past with weight watchers and never heard that I couldn't use hair or skin products. Does it somehow react with HCG?

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