How Long Does Weaved Hair Last?


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There are a lot of things that can alter this answer. The usual time suggested for a permanent wave is about 2 1/2 to 3 months.

However, if you also color your hair, when it is time to re-do that, you most likely will need to have the permanent done then again, as permanent solution removes the color from the hair. Get the perm, then add the color.

Certain medicines will shorten the time a perm will last. When I take my medicine for my lupus the permanent wave only lasts about half the time.

And time does vary in different people as well. So I guess the best answer is that you will have to see what works for you.
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Hair Weaves are one of a plethora of methods that fall under the category of Hair Extension. A conventional hair weave makes use of existing hair that is sewn onto a weft, which is basically hair that has been sewn onto a narrow piece of fabric.

Usually one can treat weaved hair like normal hair in terms of styling etc. when applying shampoo, one should gently rub the scalp along the edges of the braid. A leave in conditioner should be used, preferably. Also, forceful pulling of the hair should be avoided. The quality of the hair used to weave also matters to a great extent; one should not use cheap quality hair.

Generally, a hair weave lasts for around two to three months, depending on how fast the hair grows and how well it is cared for after weaving.
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Six to eight weeks, depending on how well you take care of it.
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up to how the hair quality you buy .and how you take care it .  ! For the usual quality . Last 6 weeks to 9 weeks

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