Do any other Girls like talking about bras around nerdy boys just to make them feel uncomfortable? I DO! Haha


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Good for you, and what type of bras do you talk about? Does it switch these 'nerdy' boys on - do you like to embarrass these poor fellows, just winding up the engine to the point of thinking er - what's she's about.... And wait for it for they will come back to you, if they really are quite shy, not on the ball, but might want to say something to you that you might not want to hear, Miss ms. Perhaps they are laughing too. Have you ever listened in to a boy's conversation, like a peeping Tom through the keyhole, but hey what a ball these er 'nerds' did you say might have, once they've left. Imagine, they sure were eyeballing you at the time, cripes..... Well, its a free world and laugher is good for the soul..... Hey, you talk about bras, the 'nerds' you refer to might be bored still, all boys, together, they'd rather see the bra and have it off.
So be careful there are two side to everything - at least two sides and more...
Hope useful.
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Yes, it's hilarious! It also helps get annoying siblings to leave the room
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I love doing that. Makes me laugh so much. I talk about bras and shaving aswell
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Not rlly but it is pretty funny to do dat and make them feel uncomfortable lolz! Plz rate this helpful cuz i LOVE helping people
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Omg yes!!!! It's soo funny me and my friends do it all the times but what's even funnier is talking about pms pads and tampons they freak out lol
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James Nicholls answered

You fools who like doing this - you'll probably get taken by force one day.  Will you be feeling comfortable then?  Haha!

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I have three older sisters I heard everything at the dinner table nothing emberasses me

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Omg yea! I love to do that!! I did that to this one kid and he started to stutter and sweat! It was pretty darn funny!
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Yes, I do.  They get soooo embarrased, and they will look away and turn red! Lol its soo funny!

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