Which Vitamins Should Be Taken To Grow Hair Long And Thick?


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To get thick and long hair,one should have a balanced diet .
Your diet should include green leafy vegetables and fibres.
Vitamin B Complex ,vitamin C and vitamin E are very useful to have beautiful hair.In addition to these ,one should have a increase the use of dairy products and water. Regular massaging of hair by oils like coconut oil,mustard oil ,almond oil or olive oil ,whichever suits you can help you maintaining them.
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Biotin, SILICA, magnesium are the ones that really helped me :-)
You can get them all from www.iherb.com code ZAR957 at the checkout to get $5 off the first purchase. You should also take good multivitamin such as Alive multivitamin.
Hope that helps
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Take gelatin pills commonly known as hair, skin , and nail pills. They absolutely work and you can buy them at anywhere that sells vitamins.

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