How Do You Trim A Golden Retrievers Hair?


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Golden Retrievers do require basic grooming.  As a double coated breed, their coat is designed to protect them during any season, and should therefore be taken into consideration when grooming. Though this particular breed of dog are prone to shedding, basic maintenance and regular grooming will help to reduce the amount of shedding. Throughout the winter, the undercoat grows to protect them from the cold. As the weather warms, the undercoat sheds as the Golden no longer needs it.  Regular brushing with a quality bristle brush, along with regular use of an undercoat rake will significantly reduce shedding and help to maintain the quality of the coat.

For more information on how to groom your Golden Retriever follow the simple instructions featured below:

•Comb and brush your dog with a bristle brush at least twice a week. Make sure to brush his dense undercoat with an undercoat rake, which will greatly reduce shedding.
•Bathe your Golden Retriever as needed with a quality dog shampoo. Ask your veterinarian for shampoo recommendations. This breed can be bathed often without causing coat or skin damage
•Clip your dog's nails regularly to avoid foot problems. Using a pair of dog nail clippers, trim just the tips and be careful to avoid cutting the quick, which will cause the nail to bleed.
•Groom the hair on your dog's feet with grooming shears. Remove excess hair from around his pads.
•Trim the hair on your dog's tail, so it has the appearance of a fan. Start by trimming at the tip of his tail and work toward the base.
•Keep your dog's ear hair thinned and neatly trimmed, inside and on the outer ear along the edges.
•Clean your Golden Retriever's ears at least twice a month with an ear cleansing solution, found in any pet store. Squeeze a few drops of the solution into your dog's ear canals, working it in by gently rubbing the base of your dog's ears. Use a cotton-tip applicator or cotton swab to remove any dirt, debris and excess solution.
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Unless you want to show him ( in which case consult his breeder if you know them, or another breeder if not) then I assume you just want to tidy him up.

First of all give him a wash and then a good brush and comb to remove loose hair and tangles. Get some "thinning scissors" from your pet store. These enable you to thin out the dogs coat without them looking like a topiary bush when you've finished, they are like a metal comb combined with scissors. Have a look at some photoes of golden retrievers looking good, and just have a go! If you get it wrong, don't worry - it will regrow in a few months. Good luck!

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