Does Hair Relaxer Expire?


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Yes Hair Relaxer does expire, so check under to bottom of the container.
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Yes It Does;
I'm Not Sure when But If you brought like a big container of Textural Formula I Wouldnt use it after about 2 months
Useing a Bad Perm Can Damage Your Hair . Possibly Make It Fall Out
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No a relaxer doesn't expire .when its time for a touch up that is new growth thats all that needs to be relaxed,
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Hi there - No is des not. If you have your hair relaxed.... The re-growth will come through curly... This is what you will have to have redone.

Surely the salon told you this when you had your hair relaxed?

It is the opposite of a perm.... After a while the ends will start to curl slightly... But hardly noticeable.

The salon will just touch that up once they have done your roots

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