How Do I Get The Eggs From The Lice Out Of My Childs Thick Hair?


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Head lice and their eggs can be a real nuisance. Treating the child's head with the usually supplied chemicals will kill the lice, but may not be sufficient to kill the eggs, as it cannot penetrate the shells.

Removing the eggs is therefore an absolute necessity. This can, however, be difficult, especially if the child has very thick and long hair.

The most effective way to remove both lice and eggs from hair is wet combing. After wetting the hair, a generous amount of conditioner is applied.

The hair is then combed for at least thirty minutes with a very fine-toothed comb. The small, so-called nit-combs available from most pharmacies are ideal for this purpose.

Sectioning the hair and combing each section starting next to the scalp and slowly moving to the ends ensures no areas are missed.

This process should be repeated every three to four days for a period of two weeks, by the end of which all lice and eggs should have been successfully removed.

It has been found in recent studies that this method is actually more effective than repeated use of chemicals.

In addition, the application of conditioner makes it easier for the comb to go through the hair, thus making the process less painful for the child.

Mixing 10 drops of Tea Tree, Lavender, Geranium or Juniper essential oil into a tumbler of vodka, applying the mixture to the infected hair and leaving it on overnight is an effective, natural way of getting rid of lice.

Washing and wet combing the hair in the morning and following on with the above method easily gets rid of the beasties without ever using any kind of chemicals.

In addition, most of these oils have antiseptic properties, allowing the scalp to recover quickly from bites.
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Try using mouth wash on the hair. I put it in a spray bottle and spray her hair down with it. We did this every day for a week or so and they were all gone. Before I found this tip, I tried everything including oil, over the counter meds, peanut butter, mayonnaise and every other trick we read about.
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Creamy peanut butter is a solution. All you need to do is make parts in small sections within the hair and apply peanut butter on the hair. Comb back out with the small comb. All the eggs will be removed taking around 3 hours to do. The following link will give you more ways to remove hair lice and eggs.
Removing hair lice and
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Put olive oil on her hair, wrap her head in a towel, and let it sit for two hours. Then rinse her hair out, you will probably have to wash it with regular dish soap a time or two. The oil suffocates the bugs, makes the eggs easier to slide out, and her hair will be shiny and soft for like a week!
Also, the eggs glow a bit under a blacklight, so that makes them easier to see.
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Put vineagar on it and try combing it out .slowly you get the eggs out that way ..
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Shampoos didn't work. Here is what we finally did Lice can "shut down" for 8 hours so any smothering agent you use must be on longer than that. We used Mayo, washed with coconut shampoo then used vinigar to help loosen the eggs you have to pick out the eggs/nits they make this spirally comb thing that I have not tried but they say it will get the eggs out the plastic or metel combs will not get them all out You need to go through it by hand section by section repete in a week hope it helps.
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Put olive oil on her hair, cover in a towel, and leave on for two hours. Then rinse out. You may have to wash a time or two with regular dish soap. The oil suffocates the bugs, makes the eggs easier to get out, and her hair will be shiny and soft for like a week!
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Well they don't always come out with the comb so you have to use your finger we had to do it to mine and my little sisters hair it took around 6 1/2 hours and they also hate lavender to prevent it use suave lavender shampoo and conditioner for me it only took 4 hrs
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This sounds gross, but it really works...put mayonnaise on your child's hair and those lice will slide right out.
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You have to get that tiny comb you can buy them everywhere. Now take a deep breath, you have to section your childs hair in about 1/8 tiny sections and go threw from the scalp to the ends and remove every single one that way. Its going to take you a long time but they will never go away unless you do it. The only other option is to shave the head and thats just not an option if it's a girl. You can't bring your child to the hairdresser because as soon as we see them, we have to kick you out of the salon. If we don't we could loose our licence...if the hair is short you can use bobby pins to separate the sections.  good luck!    oh and make sure they go into a bowl of so you don't loose any ant then you can't burn them
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She's had two painful treatments & I've spent the last four days trying to get out with cooking oil and Lice and Egg comb & out get which came in a kit [small amount]. I need more and need a better comb to pull out as well. H E L P
We cannot cut her hair there has to be another way.
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Okay, I am 12 and my mom and I have tried everything to get ride of the lice and this is my 3 or 4 time getting it and I am tried of having to sit there for 6 hours coming the hair. I need a quick way to get the eggs out but I can get the lice out and everything but we just can't get the eggs out and they keep on coming back please help
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Okay well me and my daughters tried peanut butter and vaseline and vinger and my one daughter has REALLY thick hair she was out of school for 2 weeks bc of the eggs and now were going to try mayonnaise. I HOPE IT WORKS!!!! If you have any suggestions for me so I can get the eggs out PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!
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I work in daycare and run into this problem occasionally. Use the nit comb that comes with the treatment and take a tiny section of hair at a time and comb through it. This will take quite awhile so you and your child will need to take frequent breaks. Pin up the sections of hair that you've already went through. Coconut oil is a deterant lice don't like it. Use a shampoo and conditioner that have coconut oil in the ingredient list after getting rid of the lice and eggs. Good luck!
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The pharmacist told us to use fragrance free laundry detergent to help loosen the eggs.  I just treated my daughter's hair so I haven't tried it yet but I hope it works!
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Don't let it go so long and there won't be a lot, and don't ignore your child and their itching of the head. When they are in school check at least once a week.
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Try putting on Lice Freeeeee and combing through her hair very roughly if that does not work you have to cut her hair.

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