I Would Like To Know About Hair Extensions, What Is The Average Cost? How Long Do They Last? Has Anyone Had A Bad Or Great Experience Having Them? Also How Do You Wash Your Extensions/own Hair?


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In michigan its about 150 to 200 bucks, plus you have to buy the hair.depending on what kind of hair you get. All together it could be from 400 to 700 bucks.
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To have hair extensions that look great and look like your own hair you need to have a lot of hair put in, and that average cost depending where you live, I priced in SanDiego Ca. Was between 700.00 and .2000.00 That was the price for the 1st visit. They have two different kinds of extentions, there are the glue in kind were they take small bunches of hair and put it exactly were it needs to be and they have control of putting more or less were ever is needed, and then the other way is like a curtain of hair in different widths that they can sew in or glue in, I don't think one is better than the other, you just need to make sure you go to a stylist that has a great reputation doing hair extentions. If you want to keep your hair looking good you need to go in and have them retouched every 5 to 8 weeks because they loosen over time and fall out.You can wash your hair normally just be more careful where the extentions are. Retouches are pricey too, it depends on how much hair they need to put in.
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Remy human hair extensions are extremely best in quality and lasts for a long period of time and I buy them for about $119 which I think is quite a reasonable cost.

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Tape-in hair extensions are one of the latest techniques to add length and fullness to hair.
The hair extension industry is filled with inferior products with high price
tags Hair extension is a very popular among many women because it is a great
way to enhance your natural hairs to look fuller and longer. It is popular
because of its benefits which are as follow:

in hair extensions last a long time

are easy to maintain

can gain length and volume

can make your hair more versatile

can wear them to workout, swim, and shower

locks for a smaller price

up, flawless

with hair loss

smooth, comfortable.

The average
cost depend which hair extensions you want to use.

U-Tips start around $44

start around $60

Hair Weaves start around $149

Wefts start around $179

Sets start around $199

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Basically it all depends on the quality of the hair. GO for the remy grade AAA hair and it will last you a while. I got the 18" ones that are on sale now for only 135$ which is a great price for the quality

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