What Color Of A Prom-dress Would Suit Me? - I Have A Dark Brown Skin Color And Very Dark Brown/black Hair Color And My Body Is Normal Size- Not Too Skinny And I Have Dark Brown Eyes. Pls Send Me Some Links For Discribe The Colors I Can Use. Thnx


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Definately hot pink, a nice aqua or blue 4 sure ,maybe teal?!,forest or light green and of corse what ever suits you the most!!!

Your welcome

p.s. I hope you have an awesome prom and that your dress was lovely!!!
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Bright colors because they will stand out great with your beautiful skin!!!
like this dress!!!
or this one!!!
even this one would work if you want to get serious try this [email protected]!
it would be great too!! If you like these go to jcpenney dresses and it will go to  that page then use gowns and others and it will go to these dresses!! Good lick at prom!!!
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Taz Denz answered
A lovely shinny black, my friend is exactly like your description and I wanted to look a beautiful as her when she wore her shinny black dress.
I think something that puffs out a bit too.
Also a great thing to do is to look at what celebrities [that you look alike] and see what they look adorable in.

Taz aka AprilGem x

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