What Should I Do, I Got Chemical Burns On My Scalp From Hair Dye?


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I ve had burns and itching when I dye my hair products with or without ammoniac.I also tried henna and it make it the same what can I use?which product can I use? Thank you.
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I got a chemical burn last March 2009, it is now Jan. 2010 and still dealing with burning sensation. I have been put on many drugs, been to the Jaycee Burn Clinic at UNC and still suffering!!  Please anyone with suggestions or decent comments please respond.  I have chopped my hair off as it was falling out, but the burn is still here!
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I've had chemicals burns before and I found out that greasing ur scalp with a&d ointment and well as putting T-Tree oil on the areas to sooth the itch...helps the burns heal a lot faster....and drinking a lot of water helps clean the chemicals out of ur system...
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Look up a product on line called hairseptic it is the best
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What if you had the scalp burn over some years, but hair will grow in certain places.
The only place I can grow hair it comes out really thin
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You can also use a little olive oil, put it on a Q tip and dab gently, the best to you....
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A steroid shot works the best at your local hospital  then the will give you some home steroids plus keflex a antibiotic good luck I get them all the tine
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You will probably be tempted to only treat what is on the outside. But please take the time to determine what is necessary on the inside. Chemicals are difficult for the body to process. Antioxidants are your first line of defense. There are many ways to ingest these-, but colorful foods are your best bet. Eat lots of greens, reds, oranges, yellows and blues. Peppers, tomatoes, oranges, blueberries, etc. would all be helpful.

A visit to a homeopathist might be most beneficial. Chemicals entering the body are capable of weakening your system. Too much exposure is often very treatable. You will learn many new ideas when speaking with a homeopathist. Be prepared to take cod liver oil. They all subscribe to the benefits and the newer versions with lemon are actually doable!

Perhaps you will find another way to treat your hair more kindly. Herbal dyes are very desirable and can be purchased from any health food store. But your concern is probably more immediate. Try olive oil treatments t reduce drying effects. It the burns are painful, a trip to your doctor may be in order. Good luck.

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