I Think Fleas Got Into My Hair So What Should I Do


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Umm I use baking soda and water...I mixed it up and put it on my hair for like about 15 mins or soo, than I went to wash my hair, used dishwashing soap(orange or lemon?) for shampoo..than I combed my hair. I combed out 7 the first time..the second time I combed about 8 or more
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Fleas are external parasites and live on the hematophagy off the human blood so it is very important that you get rid of them. Firstly you must keep your hair clean by shampooing them daily, use anti-flea shampoo that is commonly available in the market. You can also use pure sesame oil for this purpose. For itching you can use anti-ich creams having antihistaminics or hydrocortisoe. Calamine lotion is also effective in this regard.

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