Im starting a new hair extension company, and cant choose a company name.. Suggestions?


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Put Em' Up - Hair Extensions

Lol I like it anyway
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Make sure that the words "hair extensions" are part of the name. So maybe adding 1 word in front of "hair extensions" would be the best option. This word should refer to a characteristic that makes your company better than others: You go to their homes, you have more hair colors, etc. Tell me more about your company's BIG thing!
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How about Nasty Weaves for weak women that want to look like everybody else instead of what their hair naturally looks like and forming an opinion of their own and tearing down the walls of slavery and oppression once and for all.
Too long?
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Molly Tarr
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Some people dont just get extensions to be like everyone else actually.Hair can be a comfort to people, and having certain hair can make a person to feel more comfortable,if someone wants to have extensions let them, its their hair, their money it has nothing to do with people like you who think they no everything,when there being careless and not actualy thinking about why people may actually want to have extensions. If you have nothing helpful to say dont bother.go do something with your life

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