Where Can I Find Nigeria Women Indigenous Hairstyles Pictures And Names?


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  • Where to find them

Have a look at this website, as it contains many different hairstyles for Nigerian women: With lots of different styles to choose from, all with their names listed underneath their pictures, you are bound to find one that suits not only your face shape, but also your personality too.

The site also contains information about any hair problems that you may be having, as well as hints and tips on the many different products that are available on today's beauty market, nail care, bridal ideas and themes, and celebrity fashion. There is a message board too, allowing it users to discuss different techniques, and to gain new and innovative   ideas from each other.  

  • About Afro hair

Due to the huge differences between Afro hair and straight hair, there is now a massive market in today's society for 'black hairdressers', as to style the cork-screw like curls can be extremely difficult, and requires the hairdresser to apply skills unlike those that they may normally be needed to use.

Hair has always been of importance throughout history, especially in Continental Africa, where it was used to show a person's status, allowing others to see their levels of wealth, their religion, social rank, ethnicity, marital status and fertility. The way that hair was worn also showed a person's manhood and age.

As in all societies, thick, clean and well styled hair was something that many sought to have, and was held in high esteem; if a person was seen with their hair worn lose, it was considered that they were either unhygienic, in mourning for a loved one, or, more sinisterly, mentally unwell.

The skill of grooming hair was one that was passed on from mother to daughter, much like in the way that cooking and cleaning was; it was the female head of the family's duty to ensure that their household's hair was well maintained.

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