What Would You Say Is The Best Shampoo And Conditioner To Use?


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Alison Baillie answered
My hairdresser once told me that the best conditioner is generally the cheap stuff as that is quite thick and gloppy. I buy the supermarket economy brand of baby shampoo, and also their economy brand of conditioner and my hair is bleached and coloured and looks clean and shiny. You can give your hair a super condition once a week by putting on lots of conditioner, wrap cling-film round your head, then a towel and leave it on for as long as you can put up with it. The cling-film and towel will warm it up with the heat from your head. Then just rinse off with cool water. No need to spend a fortune on those expensive brands - you're only paying for the packaging and the perfume.
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I personally have used every shampoo and conditioner I could think of. Finally, Garnier Fructis works best as I have found out. For a variety of hair like damaged, dull, dry, wavy, frizzy, straight, curly, anything! It works on any of these kinds and makes them moisturized with proteins. If you're looking for dandruff control, head & shoulders is the best for that. But otherwise, Garnier Fructis helps enrich hair and gives it a natural shine.
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Depends. If you color your hair don't use Pantine Pro-V cause it will fade it really bad. Also price is a big difference. If you are just looking for someting cheap then I would use Swave Sleek and shine. It comes in a orange bottle. Then there is a selection of Paul Mitchel that is amazing on all types of hair!
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amy johnson
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I THINK SUNSILK IS DEFINITLY THE BEST ! and its very good on all different hair types it has so many different ones !. Choose the one that is best for you but ide definitely go for sunsilk i also think you should use the sunsilk conditioner.
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Personally,  I like a homemade shampoo made with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients. It is healthful for my hair and scalp.  So many commercial shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can contribute to poor hair and scalp conditions.  My homemade shampoo comes in a bar form, so I never have to worry about spills.  It is great for traveling!  I never have to use added conditioners, so my shampoo saves me money too!  I love it!
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There are some brands that are good , it depends on which one do you prefer ? So it's better to try it .
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I think you should use the organic kind of haircleaners. Some shampoos and conditioners strip your hair of its natural oils, so you should use the kind of natural and organic haircleaners.

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