Dying My Hair Teal. Any Other Suggestions On The Dye I Should Get?


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Oops, I didn't load the picture right.. Here you go... Aww, it deleted my whole answer... Ok, here I go again... I recommend getting the bleaching part done at a salon, but if you want to do it yourself go to a real beauty supply (with a salon attached) not sally's and buy some bleach, Wella has good bleach and L'oreal has a great powdered bleach called blue zone or something... It works well, be sure to get everything you need and do the spot tests, be careful not to burn yourself or your hair and FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS!!! It's better to have to bleach in stages than to have your hair fall out. Coloring it is the easy part. I used Color jamz in this picture, shortly after I found a product called Special effects, or SFX it was awesome!!! It didn't fade as you can see in the picture above my hair had faded a lot by the time I put up this picture. Anyhow, before dyeing talk to the ladies at the salon and ask about some good restorative products. It's a failry big decision to change your hair like this, make sure your lifestlye supports it, don't lose your job over some gorgeous hair... If that's a threat find a better job first ;) Good luck, put up a pic and share when you are done please?
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Yay, I've always wanted a comment from you! There's a place called Ulta up the road that I think I can go to in order to get it bleached. I'm afraid of at home spot tests.
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Aw, wow, thanks!! I'm glad I could help. I totally recommend getting someone else to bleach it, you know what you are getting and it's far less stressful. I only recommend the spot tests because a couple of years ago I tried a product and broke out in a rash, I have really sensitive skin and know better, but I figured "hey it's on the shelves... it'll be fine... I am sad to say it was not fine.

Anyhow, when you are done I really would like to see a picture and if you can find it the SFX products are truly the best, and they actually make your hair feel better after using them, my hair was fried after bleaching it to Monroe status and that stuff made it softer. Have fun!!!
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I'd go to a salon for that so it is done right...mixing colors is hard.....and if done wrong it will look bad...believe me..I did it and mine was really ugly!
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If you can't afford a salon then try with a semi permanent dye then if it does go wrong it wont be long before its out again

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