I Want My Hair To Look So Good Tomorrow For Picture Day! What Hairstyles Can I Do To My Hair?


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Man nobody here is helpful at all which I am probably not either but you could curl it or scrunch it or put a sparkly headband try leaving your hair down or half up half down ponytails and stuff don't look good in pics hope I could help somewhat
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It depends on how short your hair is if its a medium legnth I can give you the most lovely hair stylee :D

put your hair up in a loose looped bunn,
if you have short layers curl themm all your hair ,
as for the bunn spread the hair outt so its like a fan .
Them roughly back come it,
its you have a fringe go a 50's curl which is just simply a huge curll along the front of your forehead,
at the end add an accessorie etc. Flower / bow at the side of your ( the side your fringe is on )

add a lot of hairsprayy :)
trust me you'll look stunning ive done it before for a wedding I went to and had a lot of amazing comments on my hair that night :) x
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Only one possible solution to that.  Go for the mullet.
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Ummm...? I think the "Guest" who asked the question above was a GIRL. How is a girl sopossed to look GOOD in a mullet... ESPECIALLY for picture day?
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Haha I don't know thats why I came on this website

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