What Is A Blow Out Haircut?


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A blow out is a modern hairstyle created with the heat from a blow dryer. The term "blow out" is so popular, it was used as the title of celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin's reality TV show. A blowout is a hair styling only; this term does not include a haircut, trim, perm, or coloring process. The term "blowout haircut" may indicate a double service, including a haircut and styling. Today, many salons charge for individual services; a blowout will usually cost between 20 and 40 dollars. If you want a blow out haircut, your tab will increase accordingly - you may pay between 60 and 100 dollars (this varies widely based on the salon you choose).

Lots of women have mastered the art of the sleek, professional looking blowout right in their own homes - they use tools, such as big, round brushes, tourmaline hair dryers and hair products to create fullness, reduce frizz, and increase the longevity of their blow out. Usually wet hair will be sectioned off, and each segment will be dried individually. Women may also dry their hair upside down by bending from the waist and pointing the blow dryer at the roots of their hair - this creates more lift and volume at the roots, providing a perfect, salon-like end result. To finish, a women may create a ponytail, chignon, or up-do with her freshly dried tresses - however, a classic blowout doesn't require any elastics, barrettes, bobby pins, or other hair accessories.

Curly blow outs will be done differently - to enhance the shine and separation of curls, a diffuser may be attached to a hairdryer. Then, hair is gathered in handfuls (a gentle touch is needed) and dried with the diffuser. A few drops of shine serum may be rubbed onto the hair once it's dry. A straightening blow out will use the "sectioned off" approach, but generally, silicone styling products will be used before each section of hair is straightened. A flat iron may be used to finish blow outs on very curly hair that has been straightened. In general, it's best to leave haircuts to professionals; however, doing your own blow outs can save you plenty of money.
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LOVE to get the blow out when I get a haircut, only time my super curly hair is ever, EVER straight...can't seem to do it on my own though.
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A really neat in style hair cut
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Hair thats Cut in layers, washed, and blow dryed with your head down and sprayed the up comes your head for final mist of spray to hold style@! THATS a BLOW OUT!!!!
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Yes, Blow Out Haircut is the type of hairstyle which is characterized by lot of hairs on the top and little or shaved hairs on the side and back. For pictures, visit Blow Out Haircut.

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