Can I See A Picture Of The 70's Shag Hair Cut?


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The shag hair cut was one of the most prominent cuts of the 1970s and can be found on an internet search engine image search. There are plenty of results and versions of it available. 
The shag hair cut was popular alongside the page boy hair cut and the infamous mullet. The style is believed to have started in the 1960s by Manhattan stylist John Sahag, who was renowned for the technique of adding unsystematic layers to women's hair to create volume. Many believe the style was a leap away from the blow dried hair that had been very popular in women's hair dressing since the 1920s.
One of the most popular shag hairdos in the seventies was that worn by Jane Fonda. Women began wearing the style after her appearance with it in the film 'Klute'. Women often wore a hint of red in the shag to add a bit of variation.  
The fact that the hairstyle was so versatile and was easily achieved helped its popularity. Women in their teens and early 20s adopted a messy style to distance themselves from conformists.
Some men also adopted the style and this was especially seen in the world of Rock n'Roll where the likes of Black Sabbath and AC/DC wore the shag proudly. This varied from straight to very curvy styles of hair. It was often volumised and really added to the style of the time.
The shag lived on into the 1980s and even the 1990s with Demi Moore sporting it in the film 'Ghost'. The trend still continues to this day and it will be a hair style for years to come as it continues to evolve and change.
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I went to college in the 70's and had a shag haircut.  This is the nearest thing I've seen to the one I had. (Most of the ones they show today are not the original).  Hope this helps.

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