How do I prevent my tan from peeling?


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Angela Lazo answered
Well I tan 3 times a week, when you first start tanning its normal to peel. After you peel the first time then it will stop and you will get darker and darker and you wont peel. But b/c you are tanning or in the sun then just make sure to moisturize with an aloe lotion, it will help prevent skin damage also.
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Going Nowhere answered
Your tan shouldnt be peeling so you don't have to do anything, that must be a really bad burn to be peeling, or you have horribly dry skin, you should moisturize
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You can prevent peeling by using enough sun block. It does you no good to be in the sun for too long if you cannot maintain the tan because it peels, therefor you were overexposed to the sun. Use more sun screen or get out of it sooner.

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