Does Makeup Really Harm Your Skin?


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I think as long as you wash you face at night you are ok! It's can't do any more damage than the sun or environmental factors!
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Makeup doesn't harm but, you need to take care while doing makeup which quality of product you are using.
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No it does not at times it protects your skin from the harmful uv rays of the sun the only thing i know that is bad about make up it keeps your skin oily at times hope this answers your quest.
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Uhm, I would have to disagree. Most makeup is bad for your skin, but not in all cases. Do not believe that if it covers your face, you're safe from UV rays of the sun. You would need to get a sunscreen {meaning SPF is in it} to protect your skin from UV rays. But, either way - that wasn't the question, sweetheart. It depends on whats in the makeup. The best way to get NON-harmful makeup is to TRY to use 'natural' &/or mineral makeup. It goes on the best, and it does more good then harm.
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you could be right i'm not sure i'm not a make up genious i was just posting my opinion but i do like your comment
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Yes, makeup could be very harmful: Causes wrinkles, and makes it very fragile.
When I tried makeup on, my skin immediately turned red. I guess it depends on how sensitive you are, but still it is very harmful.
The best thing you can do if you really want to use makeup, is to try organic makeup! It has vitamins and minerals strait out of nature!!
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Makeup doesnt harm your skin rather it gives life to your skin and makes you a fresh and healthy look.
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It depends what makeup you are wearing, mineral makeup is better for your skin than the cheap stuff as long as you wear lotion before you put on the makeup you are wearing & as long as you wash your face daily & nightly you will be fine.

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