Can Mascara And Eyeliner Make Your Eyelashes Fall Off?


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Make up will only harm your skin if you are allergic or if you do not wash your face at the end of the day. As far as your eyelashes falling out, the only way that I found that to happen is to either use eye lash curlers or to pull the mascara off your eye lashes with your fingers! Just be careful of how you apply your make up and how you treat your face through out the day! :)
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If you wear mascara and eyeliner on top of your eyes (eyelids) everyday..can make you eyelashes weaker..doesn't mean they fall out but if they get weak they can..although they will grow back but it takes some time. Try removing it everyday and avoid mascara..that's worse than eyeliner. And I heard that olive oil can make your eyelashes stronger ;) go girl :D good luck!
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No, it can't make your eye lashes fall off, but if you wear heavy mascara and don't wash it off it can damage your eye lashes. Of course, your eyelashes do grow back. Foundations don't damage your skin but if you don't take it off at night after a while it can make your skin look old after a while. Just make sure that you give your skin a chance to breathe. Eyeliner doesn't effect you in any way and neither does eyeshadow, but too much eyeliner can irritate your eyes and smudges easily. I wear a lot of make up myself and boy it is magic! I hope this advice helps you.
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no they  can't you need to wash off your makeup before you go to sleep
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Well, I don't think it's possible if you use high-quality products and carefully wash everything at night. My girlfriend uses magnetic eyeliner and lashes for her eyes to look bigger, and as far as I know, her lashes don't fall off, and when she takes her fake lashes off, she still has great natural ones.

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No it doesn't make your eyelashes fall off. I wear it every day and mine are fine. Just make sure you wash it off properly

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