How To Do Good Makeup?


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To do a good makeup follow points should be considered:

• Once foundation is applied set it with loose powder. In hot and warm day apply loose powder before and after foundation. This will keep the foundation staying on to the skin for longer period. Also apply the powder to the neck.

• Never chose foundations with the terms "shimmer", "luminous" or "glow" these foundation make bride face more shiny and oily.

• Powder eye-shadow stays for longer period as compare to creamy one. Curl eyelashes and then apply mascara and curl eyelashes again to make the eyes look wide. Apply one coat of mascara to the lower lashes and two coats to the upper lashes. Small fake light eyelashes also look good.

• Choose concealer color that is one to two shades lighter than the applied foundation.

• Choose lipstick color with a blue tinge never go for an orange because blue tones in the lipstick will make teeth appear whiter.

• Never wear sunscreen creams on the wedding day. By using these sunscreens, or any moisturizers with SPF, the face looks pale and that will affect the photographs. So try to avoid such kinds of cream for such a lovely days.
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Mineral Makeup will give you the most natural look possible and wears the longest also.
There is a special way of applying mineral makeup.
Since it comes in a powder form vs, liquid or cream, you must apply it with a big fluffy powder brush. When using mineral makeup, you do not need very much. Just a small dab of it on the brush and using a "buffing" motion with the brush will give you the most beautiful coverage. As the day goes on most foundations will start wearing off. With mineral makeup, as the day goes on, your makeup starts looking better.
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Makeup is an art. The essential steps for a good make up are:
1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Moisturizing
4. Applying foundation
5. Making your eyes
6. Applying lipstick and finally
7. Lip gloss.
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Make up is bad for your be natural.
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Bronzer always works for me! Bronzer and black eye liner with white eyeshadow give a pretty and natural look.
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watch YouTube tutorials
read about it
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Use a primer there really good for your skin and set your make-up, there is also blotting powder its sets your foundation and reduces shine

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