Can I Get My Eyebrows Tattooed Instead Of Permanent Cosmetics?


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I think it's worth the money. If it makes you more comfortable, then the pain is only but a mere second in the scheme of things. Shop around, Don't go for the guy down the road because he's close and 20 bucks cheaper... You'll end up like Bozo. Shop around, watch them work if you can..
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I think a tatoo guy would be cheaper, just because cosmetic beauticians are such a fad craze right now. Those guys do shading and fades all day......
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this is a cool website!
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I agree with moechelle! I'd know my uncle"s a doctor and owns like four clinics and a cosmedics clinic! so...yeah!
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Please go to a professional Cosmetic tattoo artist.who has taken an apprenticeship or had many training hours. Regular tattoo ink is not suitable for replicating makeup. Look to see their work, if they are affiliated with the SPCP then you will know they are held accountable to use quality products and work in a safe environment.
There are traditional tattoo artist who do Cosmetic tattooing. As long as they use the right pigments then that is perfectly fine. You want soft shaded cosmetic tattoos. Otherwise they will looked stamped on and unnatural. You also need to be conservative in your design. The artist needs to know about how the face and tattoo's will age and you want them to gradually fade. Who wants the same design at 70 as you would at 25?
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Lots of people get their eyebrows tattooed so that they don't have to pluck them or any of that stuff. I'm fairly sure that a normal tattoo artist will do it for you, I don't see why they wouldn't. They've done odder requests in odder places.
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I was once thinking of shaving my eyebrow and tattooing a black panther laying down in the shape of my eyebrow. If I were to get tired of it I would just let my eyebrow grow out over it to hide it. Then I was told that not only would it hurt but the skin is very thin there and the chances of hitting a nerve are much higher and I could suffer paralyzation in my eye or screw something up along those lines. I changed my mind. If I get tired of pluking I will shave with a razor, it's fast but you just have to be careful.
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My aunt had it done! The thing about a tattoo vs. The other is this , the eyebrows, the real ones are still going to keep growing.So I would choose the cosmetic professional for the perm. Hair removal.
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Yeah you can. That is totally up to you!
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I think that you shouldn't get them tattooed I think that you should continue marking them because as you get older the color of your hair and eyebrows change and if you get them tattooed black them it just want look right. Just one of my opinions!!!
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Yes you can get them tattooed on if my husband would agree to it would have mine done I hate to put on eyeliner
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You you can...but it hurts like really badly! My sisters best friends dads daughter got hers done and it really hurt. If you do then be ready to drink a lot of beer. HeHeHe!!

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