How Do I Make My Eyes Stand Out More?


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Use light eye make up like eye shades and use a good mascara and apply eye lashes if necessary.
Regularly apply Rose extract in to the eyes to increase the glistening of eyes to make them even more beautiful..

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Or, only apply liner and/or mascara to the top lash line and lashes. Don't use iridescent or sparkly shadow above the brow bone.

When you apply mascara (and if your eyes blend in to the rest of your face, you probably should) touch the lashes as closely to the lash line as you can with the wand, then slowly roll it back down to the lash line. This should only take a slight roll of your fingers. Wiggle the wand a bit horizontally to create a lightly lined effect. You can apply liner later. Brush the wand to the end of your lashes. Let it dry. Make sure to get the inner and outermost lashes, as well. Use a lash brush to separate and spread your lashes.

You can apply liner in addition if you'd like. Use a color to compliment your eye color. You can find that Almay color match eye makeup at any drugstore- they sell it in shades specifically made to compliment different eye colors.

Apply a dot of concealer over any dark spots. Add another dot of very light ivory shadow to the corner of the eyes; this shade works for all complexions.
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/When you apply your liner, draw a thin line across the entire top lid, but when you apply the bottom liner only apply half way.
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Do you're eyelashes really big and don't put to much eyeliner on because it makes youre eyes look small and put some eyeshadow on near the same colour as youre eyes and youre sure to look beautiful

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