How can I get rid of acne?


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Simply drinking water can help. It doesn't get rid of it but it helps reduces it, by a lot. Models drink lost of water to keep their skin looking fresh and it also help you stay full so you don't eat as much which makes you lose weight. I used to have problems with my face and I started using this prescription cream called BenzaClin® and it helped a lot too. I just stay healthy by eating nuts and working out and making sure I keep the dead skin off my face by exfoliating like once a week. I have really oily skin and my pours are pretty large too. But doing all these things really helps reduce the amount of acne I had.
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A good facial cleanser and stay off the sugary and oily foods. So no junk food. Sometimes some people still fight with it and need a little more in which case go see your doctor, but sometimes it just takes some careful eating. I'm the careful eating sort of person, my sister needed a little extra help through her teen years.
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I've found pure tea tree oil is good for acne. Apply it at night before bed neat with clean hands, and rinse off in the morning, and because it acts as an antiseptic, you will begin to notice results within a few days. Bumps will look less red and not be so prominent to start with, and eventually with regular use, you can obliterate them as soon as they appear. X
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You can only avoid acne if you avoid what causing it or what's triggering the outbreaks. Get the help of your Dermatologist, he knows best.
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Water can help for you acne problem. And also you can use Kidskin cleanser and moisturizer on your face. It will be better for you. Drink sufficient water daily.

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Making a face mask of baking soda and lime or lemon juice can often be effective over the long run,especially when mixed with honey. The remedy I have used most successfully over the years is to mix the juice of two garlic cloves with an equal amount of  vinegar, and dab it on each pimple every evening.It may take a couple of weeks, but this will work. 

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