How do you make your cheek-bones look more defined?


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Lily Bradic answered

The best way to make your cheekbones appear more defined is by using some kind of blusher.

Types of Blusher

  • Powder - blush powder comes in a range of colours, and is applied using a medium to large powder brush. You need good lighting whilst you're applying it, or you might end up with one cheek far more accentuated than the other (or uneven cheeks!)
  • Stick - you can get blush sticks which are cream-based rather than powder-based. Think of applying a giant tinted lip-balm to your cheekbones, and you'll have a rough idea of what I'm on about!
This website has a couple of links to some great YouTube tutorials on how to apply make-up to accentuate your cheekbones.

Why Aren't My Cheekbones Very Defined?
  • Age - the bone structure in your face will keep changing, even throughout your twenties, so your cheekbones just might not have 'appeared' yet.
  • Face shape - some people just don't have very prominent cheekbones. There's not much you can do about this, other than use make-up and get a haircut that accentuates them.
  • Weight - generally, the slimmer you are, the more your cheekbones will be visible. This isn't always the case, though - especially if you're still growing!

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If you suck in your cheeks, you'll get hollows. To define your cheek bones apply bronzing powder where these hollows are.. Pull the product up towards your temples with your brush to make your face appear slimmer too :)

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