I have acne problem since i was 15 and now i am 17 so if anyone now how to get rid of acne and acne scars then plz answer me Thanks?


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Hi, Acne has no solutions . Its Harmon's problems actually. No medicine is work on it. Acne actually gone automatically. So don't go with  medicine. Its totally waste of money. You need to just

  • Save your face from dust.
  • Take lots of water
  • avoid Oily Food
  • Clean your face with ROse water
  • Takes Fruits 
  • ALso Stop applying here and there cream.
These was enough. I also face these acne problems. I also used to take medicine but it was not work. I stop carrying them. And just follow above things . Its gone automatically by the time. Now my face is free from acne.
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Talk to your doctor.  There's medications s/he can prescribe to you that work for acne.

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Well, I will show you some natural products which can help you cure acnes and their scars. I applied to my sister before and It deserved to try.

First, some remedies to treat acnes:

1. Turmeric Powdered

Turmeric and water need to be mixed together. The paste needs to be applied over areas affected by acne. Approximately one hour later, use water to wash your skin.

2. Baking Soda

Prepare baking soda and cucumber juice. Mix them together to get a paste which will be applied over acne.

3. Fuller’s Earth

1-2 spoon of fuller’s earth should be mixed with water. Half a spoon of honey can be added to maximize the benefits.The paste will be rubbed over the skin. Then, wash your skin with water.

4. Honey

Raw honey can be dabbed directly over the skin. Later, use water to wash your skin.

5. Ginger Prepare 

the juice by grinding ginger slices and pour it into water. The mixture should be used to clean your skin every day.

Second, some ways to get rid of acne scars

1. Carrot Juice

Its high content of vitamin A is good for not only the eyes, but also the regeneration of skin cells. Consuming it every day will support the process of skin production.

2. Lemon Juice

First, you need to dilute lemon juice in water to minimize the side effects of too strong acidity. Then, get it rubbed over the face. After 15 minutes, use water to wash your skin.

3. Aloe Vera

Get fresh aloe vera gel gently rubbed on the skin areas affected by acne scars. The ideal time to apply this method is before you go to sleep.

4. Tomato

Clean a tomato and cut it into slices. Put some slices over the areas affected by acne scars. After 10-15 minutes, you should take water to wash the skin.

5. Turmeric

Get some fresh turmeric crushed. Add a little organic honey and combine them well. The paste should be applied on the areas affected by acne scars. 20-30 minutes later, use water to wash away the paste.

6. Olive Oil
These vegetable oils are proved to be very effective as powerful tips on how to treat acne scars. In order to make it easier to apply olive oil on the skin, you can take advantage of a cotton swab.

So be patient to get the best result. Good luck!!!

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Effective Treatment For Acne Scars Problem

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