How did Kendall Jenner get rid of her acne?


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Holly D'Anna answered

How did Kendall Jenner get rid of her acne? I would rather ask "did Kylie Jenner get rid of her acne?" instead.

If you look at photos of her up close and with no make up on, you'll see that her skin still has pimples and isn't flawless.

The only reason you might think Kylie Jenner's acne is gone is that photos of her are often photo-shopped (as they often are with most celebrities, so don't judge her).

Also she uses concealer and other makeup to cover her acne up. Not such a good idea since caking on makeup makes acne and pimples worse.

So really, Kendall Jenner has just been covering up her acne.

That doesn't mean there aren't ways to cover up your acne. She just hasn't discovered them/had time to use them yet.

But if you wanted to learn more about losing the acne on your face you could always do some research on: //

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Kennedy Russell answered

I couldn't tell you exactly how Kendall got rid of her acne, besides seeing a dermatologist. Everyone has different skin so what worked for her may not work for someone else. I can tell you that her skin is practically flawless and has been for the past couple of years in person.

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