I Want To Improve My Hair Color. Is There Any Home Remedy To Become Fair?


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Rachel Sharp answered
There isn't a homemade method for changing your hair colour that will look natural. It's best to go to a salon to see a professional. The ingredients that they use are formulated to protect your hair while it is being coloured. The stylist should also know how your particular type of hair will respond to the treatment and can avert disaster! Hair dyes actually use quite potent chemicals and are not to be taken lightly. That is why store-bought hair dyes have detailed instructions and safety precautions; the chemicals in them can be harmful.

There are also shampoos and conditioners that gently enhance your hair colour. Not to be overlooked, a healthy diet can improve the strength, colour and lustre of your hair. Perhaps the best approach is to get to like your own hair colour. If you do colour it, just subtly enhance what you already have.
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R Maye answered
There are plenty of do it yourself home hair color kits, etc. But I would leave hair color up to a professional. If a professional salon is a bit out of your price range, feel free to visit a beauty college, usually students supervised by instructors, do the work at a reasonable cost.
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Not that I no of but If you go to a store like CVS or a pharmacy, they carry many hair related products. You could also search the Internet or go to a store that specializes in hair.
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Rinsing your hair in white vinegar will improve the shine and make highlights stand out more

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