How do you make your hair grow faster using natural oils? And does that sound gross or interesting?


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That honestly sounds kind of gross.

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There is nothing that will make your hair grow "faster."  However regular hair trimmings and a healthy diet rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids will keep your hair healthier. I have read articles about argon oil improving the texture of your hair follicles but not making it grow any faster (:

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One of the best methods to hair growth is applying natural
oils. There are various oil available on market for the hair growth. Olive oil
is the one of the best natural oil available for the hair growth. Mix olive oil with coconut oil. Then heat the mixture up
to warm. Then directly apply the mixture on hair. After 25 minute wash the hair

  Almond oil is
the one of the best oil for skin and hair. It contain rich of  vitamin A ,B ,E. Which eliminate the dead
cells from skin. Almond  oil contain
magnesium ,magnesium deficiency will lead to heavy hair fall. Using almond oil
will stop the hair fall very well. Caster oil also good for the hair growth. I t
is best for hair re growth


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