What Do You Consider Good Hair?


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Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
When it does what I want to do, instead of having a mind of ot's own.
Deemarcas Day Profile
Deemarcas Day answered
Clean!  Most important.  Not to hang in face or cover eyes.  Find a style of your type of hair.  What works best for thin, thick, frizzy, straight, curly, etc.
anupama kumar Profile
anupama kumar answered
Good hair is healthy hair. If your hair is breaking off, unusually
dull, overly dry or oily, dyed and fried, and ripped to pieces then you
have some messed up hair.
nettie Profile
nettie answered
I consider healthy, clean vibrant hair as good hair, hair that does not break nor shed easily...the best to you
John Profile
John answered
When it's not found in my fast food i just ordered.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well I shave my head twice a week so I don't know if I should answer this LOL
Thick, thick and thick. Hmm can you tell why I shave my head? :)
Mary Ann Cassidy Profile
I think good hair has medium texture, not fine. I also like hair that is a little curly. Sad to say my hair does not have the desired characteristics.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Good hair should be clean, natural in colour, nongreasy, lively, unbroken, bouncy, dandruff free,
and well groomed.
This will leteveryone know that you are clean and healthy.
Cheers, Nuggs

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