My hair is dyed black. Each time I shower color pours from my hair. I was told it was bc my hair is so damaged. After using a shampoo to treat my hair after 9+ washes I'm still having the problem. Is it ok to dye it again and why's this happening?


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This is happening to me too!!! I have a permanent purple in my hair and everytime I wash it the water turns pinkish and the dye runs out a little more. I don't know if its the brand or what because my hair isn't damaged. My hair is now more red than purple and I only dyed it a couple of weeks ago so don't feel like doing it again. But Might have to do it a brown
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If your hair is damaged, then yes, it will not take. It's like painting a wall with an oil based paint. It will eventually wipe or wear off. You need to quit coloring your hair for awhile, let it grow out, trimming the dead ends each month and using non abrasive shampoos. After a few months or a year, experiment with non caustic dyes. The type that will shampoo out after 2/3 weeks, until you find a color that truly suits you. Then see a salon hair coloring specialist.
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Esther Lilly
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I did just get my hair dyed by a salon specialist but it keeps running out. And black is my color I love the way it looks on me. And every kind of shampoo I use doesn't seem to do the job. Before school starts I wanted to try again but do it myself. It's $40 cheaper anyway...
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No darlin, I meant your natural color, not the one you desire. If your hair has been over colored/damaged, it needs to grow out into your natural state. Let it grow until you have healthy hair, then start using "rinse out" colors. Just because you really like black, doesn't mean it really likes you. :)
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Use a shampoo for color treated hair
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It is safe for color treated hair. And even my old shampoo that's only purpose was to preserve color treated hair makes the color run from my hair
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Use shampoo and conditioner which designed for colored hair and wash your hair again. If still have color fading out, I think it probably because  there was something wrong during your dying process or the dye material is not good quality.

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If it's a semi-permanent hair dye, then the colour will come out each time you take a shower.Try using a permanent a hair dye next time around and it should be fine.

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