My Eyelashes Are Really Long And They Keep Getting Tangled And Going In My Eyes. I Can't Find An Eyelash Comb Anywhere. Where Are Some Places That I Can Find One?


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Laura answered
You can buy one at a dollar store, a pharmacy, a beauty store. I don't know if where you are at they have a SALLY'S beauty  supply, but if they do that would be a great place to buy one. I wish I had long eyelashes mine are small.
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Oh my god, if I only had such a problem!  You can find an eyelash comb at Sephora, the only reason I know that is I use a brush on my eyebrows, and there's an eyelash comb on the other end of where the brush is, two for one, you know?
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Charli Leary answered

I read your article. I think you can consult with your beautytion.

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