If I use to kinds of shampoo and wash my hair will my hair come out blonder? if I use two kinds of color treated shampoo?


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PJ Stein answered

No. They only ways to lighten your hair is to use hair dye, or use a product like Sun In that you spray on and go out in the sun.  But both can damage your hair, and can also cause it to look a bit orange.

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I have use two different kinds of shampoo and it's never effected the color of my hair , so basically it still remained the same color and i been doing this off and on for many years .Also if you want buy good shampoo  & conditioner for your hair online i would recommend you to see www.Sallybeauty.com  I recently purchased Shampoo & Conditioner you pay like $23.00 but you get 20 Oz bottles of both Shampoo & Conditioner plus they do give you $5.00 off on your entire order but it's worth than them cheaper Shampoo & Conditioner

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