Is it nasty to wash ur hair then skip one day every week and every month etc. Cuz tht is wut i do bcuz i straighten it after i shower and i dnt see the point in straightening ur hair if ur gonna wash it every day?


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catherine adams answered
Hi Caitlin, So your hair gets wet in the shower, and not everyone washes their hair everyday, or even weekly, well if you carry on what you do and it feels alright, then why not? Does anybody make comment on it, your Mom for example. Anyway its not nasty, but others might think it's not a good idea.
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Natalie Jean answered
It depends on the type of hair. If yours tends to be very oily, you might want to consider washing it more often. If not, it is possible to get away with skipping a day here or there
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Sylver Fox answered
I don't see the point in straightening hair at all. I do recommend washing it though.

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