Are There Any Creams Or Lotions That Gets Rid Of Old Scars And Acne Marks?


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There are a number of creams and lotions etc available in the market to get rid of acne marks and scars but the most important thing is consulting your doctor before using any of them. There might be internal problems causing scars on your skin or the cream you are using might have other side affects so before using any of these creams do take advise from your physician.
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It's not a cream or lotion, but after spending almost my whole life with acne I tried everything to get rid of scars, and the treatment I find most effective is chemical peels. Not the ones you get done by the plastic surgeons, but there are some that they normally do at medical spas, and I swear by them. I noticed a 50% improvement after my first one and I get them done every four months now. They range from $175-300, but just think about all the money you spend on creams and lotions that don't work. The peel I get is called the VI peel, its 300 dollars, there is no down time.....your just a bit red, like a sun burn for a few days then your skin peels for about week. But after its done peeling my skin looks great and I have much more confidence. It really depend on how deep your scars are to determine how many you need, but they're awesome.
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There are actually multiple creams and lotions available that can help get rid of your acne scars. However, when purchasing one, it is best to read the label first in order to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients that can worsen the appearance of your acne scars. As much as possible, settle with a cream that is made from all -natural ingredients, such as Whiterderm skin lightening cream, just to make sure that it will not damage your skin.
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Sure, there are lots of things that can can help get rid of acne scars, including:  Aloe vera juice, goat milk, shea butter and green tea.  You can find these natural ingredients in lotions, soaps, creams and topical treatments.

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