How does hair potential and length influence styling and dressing techniques?


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The first thing hair affects is your make-up, as wearing the wrong colours on your face will clash with the colour framing it, i.e. Your hair.

Brunettes with brown eyes and pale skin use light pinks to bring out the colour and strong foundation. Redheads with blue or green eyes and a pale complexion could go for a nude lip-gloss and a light blush. Blondes with blue eyes and pale skin can look good with red or pink lipstick and peach eye shadow.

The idea is to get the makeup to complement the colour of your skin and the colour of your hair.

As for dressing techniques, hair length plays a special role here. If you have long hair and wear straight clothes with clean vertical lines, it's all going to shout 'tall' at people looking at you. This could be good news if you feel you need to look a little taller. Nothing can make you taller, except heels, but it will give people that impression. A word of warning though, if you are already very tall this look could make you seem imposing. It's the reverse psychology of why far people should avoid horizontal stripes - they accentuate width.

Also with hair, styles originate from certain times in recent history. Spiky means punk so your clothes could be tight denim or leather and look great. Long and flowing suggests flower of the 70s so works brilliantly with light floral dresses. The bob originated in the pre-war years but came back to fashion in the 60s so think mini-skirts and boots.

If you have hair in the style of a celebrity, check out their styling and try to mimic it. Similarly, if you want to dress like a celebrity you admire, start by getting their hair cut.

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