How Do I Stop Losing My Hair?


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Losing about 100 hairs a day is normal.  If your hair is longer or you have recently grown it longer, the 100 hairs per day can wad up into quite a handful.  However, if you think it is more that this, there are some things you can do:  Rogain does work for many people losing hair on certain parts of your scalp. It encourages hair growth on the top and front of the head. Propecia can also keep hair from thinning further.  You can also consider hair transplants -- microimplanation (implant one hair follicle at a time) looks pretty good these days -- not the old picket fence look.
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I am losing my hair a lots of I want to grow m y hair with out any medicines can you please help me out THanks
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There are many causes of hair loss. Medication, nerves, diet, and a condition called Alopecia are some of them.  I think you'll need to check with your doctor on this one.  You don't say whether you are male or female, or how old you are, but if you are male, it could be male pattern baldness.  However I'm guessing this is not the case.
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If you are losing your hair then it may be critical problem for you because hair make us smart and give a good looking so if you are facing this problem then never take it easy.

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hair loss (aside form the normal amount we all lose each day and replace
with new hair) is dictated by yrou genes and specifically thos eform
your mother's side of the family. Unfortunately once you hit puberty
there is nothing you can do to stop nature from taking it's course. 
Prior to starting puberty you could have had the organs that produce
testosterone removed to stop the hair loss though.  However most guys
prefer to keep those parts and lose hair. 

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You should be careful about what you are eating as an
unhealthy diet may cause hair loss. Make sure that you consume food which have
a lot of protein, such as eggs and milk. You can check out the following link
to have more information:
I hope it is helpful to you. J

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Tip1: Apply a thickening product

Some thickening product, such as thickening
shampoos, conditioners and sprays all contain special polymers, which can make
your malaysian hair weave bundles look fuller. Your just need to use them regularly and then they can increase
hair thickness by up to 20%.

Tip2: Wash your hair regularly

Washing hair actually can thickens hair
because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy'. Therefore, in order to
get the best effect, you can use shampoo to wash brazilian virgin  hair extension regularly and wash with
warm water.

Note: Avoid using hot water, because hot
water will easily dry out the hair.

Tip3: Styling hair with fingers

As we all know, constant combing and brushing
can make hair look limp and flat, so that you can try to style your hair with
fingers to thicken your hair, while adding volume and texture at the same time.

Tip4: Apply mousse products

The most effective styling products to
thicken your hair is mousse, which can make your hair look natural and fuller.
Besides, another effective styling product is spray, which can give the hair “
root lift”.

Tip5: Trim hair

One of the most effective solutions of thin
hair is trimming, which can make your hair strong and prevent hair from damage.

Hope that this article can help you to
thicken your hair effectively.


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Try the new vitamin "nioxin". They sell it at beauty salons. It's great for hair, nails and skin.

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