What Hair To Use For Senegalese Twist?


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Natural hair of any texture, or hair extensions, can be used to create a Senegalese Twist hairstyle. This distinctive cornrow style features a series of braids, with special coil twists at the end of each segment. One popular celebrity who has sported Senegalese twists is singer/actress Alicia Keys.

Many women choose to mix natural hair with colored extensions when they request a Senegalese twist at the hairdresser. The stylist will add colored strands to each doubled-up braid, creating a creative and multi-dimensional effect that lasts for quite a while. Before styling, the hair will need to be prepared with a special hair gel or wax that stiffens each strand.

In general, it will be impossible to braid your own hair yourself, since reaching the back sections of hair will be very difficult. These sorts of attractive braid hairstyles often require special skills and training; a hairdresser will need to pull the hair very tight, without causing undue pain. However, there may be some discomfort from pulling during this type of styling.

Accessories which you can use to add flair:

• Beads
• Ribbons or decorative cords
• Colored extensions
• Filigree Tubes
• Elastic Bands

To care for your hairstyle, remember oil massages will soothe the scalp before and after braiding; once you've gotten your new braids styled, you should only wash your hair one or two times every month. When washing your hair, concentrate on the scalp, rather than the braids; shampoo should be liberally mixed with water to prevent undue dryness. A tiny comb is the perfect accessory for tidying up your braids after you shampoo your scalp.

This hairstyle is a classic way to celebrate the beauty of African culture, since it has its origins in Senegal, Africa. The next time you plan to get your hair braided, consider this appealing style choice.
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Like the previous answer, synthetic hair. Kenekalon

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