Describe How The Following Factors Influence Styling And Dressing Techniques With Hair Potential And Length?


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There are many factors that can influence your style and dressing techniques as related to your hair. If for example, you are a redhead and female, there are certain colors that are a natural for you and look good in just about any situation, formal or casual. Pink is excellent choice for a redhead female, and red of course always looks good if it is the correct shade of the color.

If you are an African-American who is looking for a new style to showcase your looks, you have a number of options. Many African-American men and women prefer to have their hair weaved. A stylish look, it also lasts for a couple of weeks in most cases. It is also very attractive for people with long hair, and a number of different braiding techniques can be employed. Many African-American men and women also straighten their hair but care must be taken not to permanently damage your hair. This option can also last a few weeks before the treatment has to be repeated, and it can be done at home with a curling iron and other home hair care products which can be bought over the counter. 

African-Americans are not the only people who can have their hair weaved. Both Caucasian and Hispanics can have their hair weaved.  Of course for the weave to be effective and look pleasing, it is best that the hair be at least shoulder-length or longer. The braids will last for a few weeks as long as they are cared for properly, and it takes about an hour or longer, depending in the length of the hair in question for the weave to be completed. 

Consider your hair color and skin tone before making fashion choices and hair styles. Try and find a look that compliments your natural look.

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