I am 24 years old. I have a thin hair. There is no volume in in my hair & my hair falls a lot. Any solutions for this?


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Shave it all off, go to the gym, and get super buff.

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I have fine hair as well.  The best thing was for me to get a shorter hair cut that flattered my face and added volume.  Taking care of your care is important--not too much heat, using a clarifying shampoo, not letting it get too oily, and not weighing it down with heavy products.  Also be careful of breakage of hair by wearing tighter hair styles.

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Buy some hats.

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1.Using too much heat for styling/straighten your hairs cause the falling.

2.Using too much products such as creams,sprays ect . .cause the falling.

3.Using too much ties/clips also cause the falling.

4.You need choose your shampoo by the condition of your hair, oily,dry ect . . Then considering medical conditions, make sure if you  have all the vitamins that your hair would need to keep the flow up. Then consider it all for your shampoo usage. Shampoos divide by age,skin type, hair type & medical conditions.

5.Wash your hairs properly specially when you use any product over your hair, the best routine would be  once after you wake up & once before you sleep or at least once each day because even if you don't use anything chemical, yet there's dust,smokes & so many materials around that effect your hairs & they need to be washed properly.

6.Make sure you wash your hair very well with attention, if any foams stay on your scalp, even so little, they turn into white masses, the white masses will make the core of your hair weak & will cause the falling.

7.Massage your scalp everyday for around two minute, specially when you showering.

8.Brush your hair properly (it's just another way of massaging as well)

9.Wash your hairbrush daily.

10.Make sure you using an appropriate hairbrush. (the materials of the hairbrush are  important (plastic, iron ect . . Following your hair's condition) the style & form of the hairbrush also must  be suit for your hairs as well, the cleanness of the hair brush)

11.Check your nutrition.

12.If you recently moved from a place to another which would be a different geographical spot, that would be the cause which in that case, it will be fine cause your body will get use to the place eventually, however,some extra vitamin/health care might help more. (when it be the case)

13.Make sure if there's any infection (you can check that one with a doctor) the infection can be caused by different thing such as just reckless touches, inappropriate products or even crossing a place that someone didn't followed a good hygiene there, dirtiness of the weather & air ect . .

14.Make sure you are understanding hair loss definition as well, sometimes people get so obsess with their hair loss while they forgot human's hair falls everyday in a grow-regrow cycle.

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Tip1: Apply a thickening product

Some thickening product, such as thickening
shampoos, conditioners and sprays all contain special polymers, which can make
your virgin remy human hair look fuller. Your just need to use them regularly and then they can increase
hair thickness by up to 20%.

Tip2: Wash your hair regularly

Washing hair actually can thickens hair
because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy'. Therefore, in order to
get the best effect, you can use shampoo to wash best quality hair extensions regularly and wash with
warm water.

Note: Avoid using hot water, because hot
water will easily dry out the hair.

Tip3: Styling hair with fingers

As we all know, constant combing and brushing
can make hair look limp and flat, so that you can try to style your hair with
fingers to thicken your hair, while adding volume and texture at the same time.

Tip4: Apply mousse products

The most effective styling products to
thicken your hair is mousse, which can make your hair look natural and fuller.
Besides, another effective styling product is spray, which can give the hair “
root lift”.

Tip5: Trim hair

One of the most effective solutions of thin
hair is trimming, which can make your hair strong and prevent hair from damage.

Hope that this article can help you to
thicken your hair effectively.

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