Is There Any Truth To Putting A Raw Egg On Your Thinning Hair Can Stop It From Thinning?


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The egg does help it but I would rather get egg white shampoo! :-P
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According to research, raw egg is very rich in proteins and proteins are very useful for keeping hair healthy. It strengthens the hair follicles. Thus putting raw egg on your thinning hair once a week would cause noticeable difference to the health of your hair. See the link below for reference and details:
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Hmmm Hair grows as a result of what you ingest. Putting an egg on it may make it appear shinier, but it won't grow more of it. Once a hair follicle stops producing a hair, it is done making a hair.
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My friend in school has beautiful long thick shiny hair which I envy I asked her what she uses and she said she beats an egg and drinks it I'm going to try it!!!!
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I put egg whites in my hair once a week and it leaves it nice ans silky, shinny, and it even makes it les puffy when I straighten it.

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