How Do I Dye Pubic Hair?


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I think a better question is "WHY do I want to dy my pubic hair?"
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You are not supposed to dye pubic hair
why do you want to
unless you want to flaunt it all to everyone
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It is very dangerous to even attempt to try that. There are chemicals involved in the process of dying your hair. Besides it's ok if the rug doesnt match the top! Lol
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I had a few greys in that area and decided to dye mine. I found a product in Allure magazine that could help me. There is a company that came out with dyes that are specifically made for that purpose. Its safe and easy to use. I dyed mine.
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Lacey Mallick
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Well if theres a Product safe for Dying your Pubic Hair (i feel so stupid saying that) then i would use that "Safe Pubic Hair Dying Kit-thingy" because it could help with the Issues that you have with you Pubic Hair (color) and um its safer for your............well you know what. Any how Good Luck and Safe Hair Dying?
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Don't wash it for awhile. It works if you want to dye it darker. I have such a massive boner right nooooow.....
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Ummmmm.... You don't!!
Why would you want to anyway?
Leave it the colour it is. There is too much risk of getting infections and stuff.
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Dyeing pubic hair is just like dyeing the hair on your head, except there is a greater chance of skin irritation or infections. Once you have the hair dye kit, you should mix the hair colour according to the directions provided to you with the hair product package. To your mixed hair colour, add an equal amount of your favourite motorizing shampoo and stir well.

In order to avoid skin irritation, apply petroleum jelly on the sensitive areas of your genitals. Do not apply petroleum jelly on pubic hair that needs to be dyed. Start applying the hair colour with the help of a brush. Cover all pubic hair and do not rub the hair colour mixture into your skin. Be sure that you do not allow any excess hair colour to seep into the sensitive area of your genitals. Leave hair mixture for 10-30 minutes. Wash off the hair colour mixture with the help of a hand held shower with warm water.
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Do not do this. It is risky and really not needed. Keep the fun colors on your head and no where else. And besides most hair colors warn you to use on your head only- on the box.
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Wow. So much damn judgement here. Just because someone wants to dye their hair (any of it) doesn't mean they have insecurity in that area. And just because you won't be able to see the results on the street doesn't mean it isn't a worthy exercise in liberation from beauty standards and norms. Jeeze, y'all have no chill. The most recommended brand for this task is Betty Beauty, which has products specifically intended for it. Good luck and don't listen to the haters!

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