Can I See Short Haircuts For Black Women?


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Matthew Crist answered
You can see short haircuts for black women. The quickest way to find these is to search on the Internet. There are many examples of black women with short haircuts available to view on Google images. Some of the women featured are models, some are celebrities and some are members of the general public.
The most common pictures are of Rihanna, the American singer, who has had many different hairstyles over the last few years. When she first emerged onto the music scene she had reasonably long hair but over the past few years her hair has remained short. There are also pictures of Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles and Lauryn Hill, amongst others. A website which provides useful information on how to achieve short haircuts for black women is There is a section that suggests that traditional long hairstyles can now be turned into traditional short hairstyles. There is mention of bob hairstyles as well as buns, side-sweeps and short hair in general. also has many pictures of women of all races with short hair. It also has a dedicated page to black hairstyles. The women pictured on this website are all members of the general public and there is a useful tip which states that "the best black hairstyles are the most natural ones devoid of any extreme hair pulling which will ultimately cause hair breakage and hair loss on already fragile hair." To obtain a short haircut for a black woman would involve looking at these sites and picking a style that you like and asking the opinion of your hairdresser.

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