I really need help with my hair! I have long hair and no one to help make styles. I don't even know how to properly make the common styles like plaits or something! Can anyone please help me on this?


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Google some styles you would like to know. If you have hair troubles then simply add easy in front of your search. If you want use YouTube for videos.

If you can get permission to get it cut then do. It will be easier if it's medium length.

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See if you can find some YouTube videos on hair styles for long hair. Simple ponytails can be nice too.... I used to have long hair down to my waist and I used to dress it with a plait or a ponytail. You could get the hairdresser to cut in some layers that might be nice to style but not lose the length. I have short hair now.  And make sure you condition your hair thoroughly after each wash. You can also get dreads or something like that. How about twisting the hair up in a bun?   

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Here are some ideas:

Do a messy ponytail (mid-high) and add a flower or something

A side plait

A side pony with a bow grip - you can get these from New Look etc.

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Same with me I only started doing it myself last week!
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So now you get my problem and how hard is it struggling with it!
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Maybe just a simple high ponytail or a bun, maybe two braids or a fishtail
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The best way for a beginner to learn how to style their hair is, in my opinion, to watch tutorial videos online.  Having said that, there are loads of styles that are simply too complicated to learn if you're new to hair styling.  I've listed a few pretty straightforward styles for you to try below.

French plait/braid

The French plait is a great style to keep your hair looking tidy, and it's a style that's used by many women around the world.  You can also plait your hair when it's wet, and it'll make your hair nice and wavy once it's dried.  Here's a video showing you how to French plait your hair:


The hair bun is a go to style for many women that simply want to put their hair up and out of the way easily.  The great thing about the bun, however, is that it looks great, too.  It's also pretty easy to learn how to style your hair in this way.  Have a look at this tutorial:

Katniss braid

My final example is definitely the most fun.  If you fancy looking like Katniss from the Hunger Games, you can follow the video below that shows you each and every step.  This one is a little more tricky, so it might be worth practising how to do a normal plait first.  Still, the Katniss braid looks awesome!

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